by Pete Devlin

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Oh horrible foolish boy! You creep toward the fire!

Oh mother of senseless things; take away your platter!
Leave us to drown in troubles. Let us strive for beautiful pointless necessities. Our lot is our own.


released September 22, 2013

All songs written by Peter Devlin
Produced and arranged by John Ayers
Mastered by Phil Begg

Album artwork by Karina Stevens



all rights reserved


Pete Devlin Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Give Us A Smile
you should know exactly what will come / for though I may be strange I’m your son / and I should believe when you say / so much to me you still don’t know / to make it easier just give us a smile / I think it’s time I left this home for a while / I don’t really want to give my reasons why / so I’ll just write them down and say goodbye / maybe when I go this will all make sense / I don’t think I’ll regret this while I’m gone
Track Name: Silence Is Golden
be cool when she kicks you in the face / pretend that you wanted it / be cool when you feel like a disgrace / silence is golden but you want to talk / your weakness is exposed / still you can’t up and leave / you can’t just walk / please say something to me / I’m hanging on / please say / I’m falling away
Track Name: Lights
as long as you catch me / because every time I fall it’s on you
Track Name: Flesh
tear off my flesh / bury me with the flowers / I’ve sinned / I have sinned / bury me / flesh and bone / maybe my soul can live in the flowers
Track Name: ComeOnHome
I want to know what you said when you turned and fucked up my head / it’s not like you think / I’m not on the brink / but don’t you take it all away / just come on home / I’ve had enough / I still wish I knew how to stop / don’t you realise we’ll miss you / I want to know what you said when you stepped closer to the edge / she was all I had / my first / my last / well god won’t bring her back so don’t try
Track Name: This Train...
now you’re free to ride the rails / I’d hold back / there’s blood on the tracks / this train’s headed for the sun / sleeping where I please / I’m living free / all colours here fade in blue and green / four in the morning / take another pill / I say it feels great / you say I look ill / take this rope / wind it round / when it happens there’ll be no sound / mama used to say kneel down and pray / god will hear your prayers / all your troubles will away / clench my fists / raise my voice / clouds fill me head / there’s nothing to be said
Track Name: Rise&Shine
I wana rise / I wana shine / I wana break straight through what I think I know
Track Name: NoOneKnows
there you go running away / why don’t you make up your mind and stay / stay here where people know / which way the wind will blow / for you and me / running away won’t solve your problem / neither will acting like you’ve got none / what you got hiding inside / doesn’t mean you got to run away and hide from me / you’re asking me to save you / darling I’m asking what can I do / darling I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do / no one knows
Track Name: Ttreosutble
have the you wheel ever melts been to on nothing fire / or strapped said in no like to a the baby devil / your your life’s voice around is the not corner there / go on cry out save me / so you’re what’s walking it on gona air be / do nothing you take below the chance your and risk shoes it / it’s or the live end your of life the saying trial / I’m never gona miss it / trouble is on the way / you can feel the beat rolling / when he lights up the match / would you trade your soul in
Track Name: H.O.M.E
feel it calling / you back home / you feel / no reason / night rolls in / the lights go dim / please stay alive / you feel / no reason / now I see / who you are / it’s too late / I feel / you alone / take me home
Track Name: Leaves
soon we’ll be falling leaves from a tree / we’ll float together and forever be / when you go I’m going with you / can’t break free from this / we’ll stay together and you’ll say to me / oh pretty baby / what a fool I’ve been / I’ve no idea what I am doing / I stood next to you in the darkness / not able to move but I’m going wild / under the branches a young man stands / rain falls over / my soul’s approaching what I can’t see / slipping away from me…
Track Name: Tonight I Prayed To God
please take my life / god please take my life / tonight I prayed to god / but I’m still here / when they go I’m free to go / I wish I knew more / tonight I prayed to god / that maybe I’d wake up dead
Track Name: 8hours(tillmidnight)
from where I stand it’s a struggle / to make out the lines of your face / if this doesn’t work it’ll be alright / we’ll live below the street lights / hearts will be where minds want to go